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LED Wall Pack Light

WPA Series LED Wall Pack Light

High performance LED fixture 120Lm/W
Unique design of heat sink, energy-saving
Stable and durable,easy installment and maintenance
Photocell is availible
Replcing 80W -150W metal halide
DLC ETL FCC IC,Philips LED and 5 years warranty


     Product  LED Wall Pack Light  LED Wall Pack Light LED Wall Pack Light LED Wall Pack Light
    Brand Name  Minglight    Minglight  Minglight   Minglight  
     Model No ML-WPA-12W   ML-WPA-13W   ML-WPA-18W   ML-WPA-26W  
     Wattage  12W   13W    18W   26W  
    Input Voltage  120-277Vac 120-277Vac 120-277Vac 120-277Vac
    Lumen Efficiency  120LM/W 120LM/W 120LM/W 120LM/W
    Power Factor (PF)  >0.95   >0.95  >0.95   >0.95  
    Power Efficiency  >90%   >90%   >90%  >90% 
    Lumen Output(+/-5%)  1440LM 1560LM  2160LM 3120LM
    CRI  >70   >70  >70  >70  
    CCT  3000K 4000K
    5000K 6000K
    3000K 4000K
    5000K 6000K
    3000K 4000K
    5000K 6000K
    3000K 4000K
    5000K 6000K
    Rating  IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
    Driver  Minglight  Minglight  Minglight  Minglight 
    Lighting Source   Lumileds  Lumileds   Lumileds  Lumileds 
    Working Temperature  (-)25°C-(+)55 °C  (-)25°C-(+)55 °C   (-)25°C-(+)55 °C  (-)25°C-(+)55 °C
    Lamp Shell Color  Brown Brown Brown Brown
    Beam Angle 100° 100° 100° 100°
     Working Lifetime 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs
    Certification    DLC ETL  DLC ETL  FCC IC  DLC ETL  FCC IC  DLC ETL
    Warranty   5 years   5 years    5 years  5 years 

     Model No Wattage PIECE Carton Size(cm) GW(kg)
    ML-WPA-12W  12W  20pcs/CTN 75*30.5*23 11
    ML-WPA-13W  13W  20pcs/CTN 75*30.5*23 11
    ML-WPA-18W  18W  10pcs/CTN 59*34.5*26.5 12.3
    ML-WPA-26W  26W  10pcs/CTN 59*34.5*26.5 12.5

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