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The development co-creator of Shenzhen grows together with the city

Time:2020-12-21 Views:106
As the first special Economic zone established in China, Shenzhen has gone from an obscure border town to a modern international city over the past 40 years.
In August last year, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council issued the Opinions on Supporting Shenzhen in building a Socialist Pilot Demonstration Zone with Chinese Characteristics.Based on the new starting point of "second entrepreneurship" after 40 years, more and more enterprises will continue to expand their capacity in Shenzhen, drive the rapid development of several key industries in Shenzhen, and continue to upgrade new forms of business and consumption in urban development to help the domestic economic cycle.
Sunac and other enterprises continue to work hard to create a new name card of Shenzhen
Based on the development background of Shenzhen and combined with its own advantages in development, commerce, cultural tourism and operation, Sunac fits the rhythm of urban construction and co-exists with urban development for win-win results.
On November 23, 2020, Sunac and Huafa jointly developed The Baoan Manjing Plot, which is located in the north of the International Convention and Exhibition City, 9 kilometers away from The Baoan Airport, and located in the Exhibition New City area, which is positioned as the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology innovation corridor, the top 10 core innovation platforms, and the strategic fulcrum of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
According to the 14th five-year Plan issued by Baoan Development and Reform Bureau, the Exhibition New city is the "western city center" and the "Empty iron gateway hub", creating a coastal science and technology and cultural corridor integrating the future industry, exhibition commerce and trade, cultural creativity, tourism and leisure.With the transfer of this huge land parcel, the exhibition New city will enter into a rapid growth period, bringing a substantial increase in urban value and land value.
This complex plot will be transformed into a new super city complex, and a unique ice and snow world will be planned, adding another heavyweight name card for Shenzhen.
As the largest supplier and operator of cultural tourism in China, Sunac cultural Tourism has set up 12 cultural tourism cities and 4 tourist resorts in China, providing diversified innovative cultural tourism scenes and high-quality consumption experience for people and providing new impetus for urban economic development through star formats such as Snow World and Water World