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Company New Activity - Barbecued Whole Lamb

Time:2020-12-12 Views:3115

On December 12, 2020., to thank all company employees efforts and hard working, Minglight hold a great activity - Barbecued Whole Lamb. After 5 hours roast by barbecue master, the mutton turned to golden color with nice smell, indeed, I can not help drooling, haha:)


When these roasted lamb put on the table, all people seem very hungary and rush to get the mutton and enjoy this delicious food. Besides the roasted whole lamb, there is cucumber, fruits, green salad and snacks. Further more, the beer and Red wine can not miss at such happy occasion. We talked together, drank together, enjoyed good food together and spent a wonderful weekend time.


Minglight always focus on regarding every employee as family member and support them keeping good balance between work and life. As there is sayingBetter Life is for Better Work.


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